Woman Found in a Ditch, April 17, 1995

My high school valedictorian

Al Ternowetsky

Came from a rich family

He gave us all a speech at our graduation on how to be men

Then went on to become a law student

His father was a professor

And he was a basketball star too

With friends enough to fill stadiums

He had everything going for him, they said

One evening he met a single mother of two

Who had nothing particular going for her

After clambering out of the trunk of his friend’s car

On a dark dirt road

With a smile on his face

And beer on his breath

And beat her so badly the police had difficulty to determine

The gender of the body

Afterwards they met some friends

And talked about how she’d deserved it

Because Pamela George was an Indian

And had worked the streets

A fact the judge would later underline to the jury

When he told them to

Keep in mind that she was a prostitute”

Before the sentence was handed down

The sentence of manslaughter

Which would have put him in prison for four years

Had he not gotten out early for good behavior

To bounce around the bottle some more

And in and out of jail

For a few more years

Then he headed to Australia

Fleeing nationwide infamy

Moving underground

Just like Pamela moved underground

And I’ve never heard of him since