Anne Norris

Response to “Utopian Landscapes”

Wow! Fascinating and well written.

Erin Legacki

Response to “Utopian Landscapes”

This is amazing. Thank you for putting it in print for us armchair squinters to read. It has changed my story for the day and will hopefully continue to change others!! Keep writing!


Response to “Dancing in the Dark”

Thank you for bring me back to reading.

Cesar Marcano

Response to “Dancing in the Dark”

Thank you for such interesting info.


Response to “The Idealist”

I’m stunned. Painting such detailed characters and scenes, your writing provokes contemplative thought about the unknowns of warfare and a reality outside one’s comfort zone. Gripping from start to finish.


Response to “The Fallen Angels”

This was my favorite writing. After reading it I passed it on to many of my friends. The blend of fact and fancy is intriguing and the story is riveting…It is similar to how Dan Brown blends fiction and non-fiction. I hope one day that the Blair Bourassa section dwarfs the Dan Brown section of Chapters. The world would be a better place!


Response to “The Fallen Angel”

Amazing! Blair hooks and catapults his readers into the waters of another world effortlessly. With fluid writing, convincing dialogue, and a captivating plot, there’s no escape as the story unravels, and who would want to? I’d rather slip off the hook and dive deeper. Can’t wait for the whole book!


Response to “A Dream on Fire” (Spanish translation)

Excelente narración!!!, un clima tenso y un final muy bien elaborado

Mike Houston

Response to “A Dream on Fire”

Awesome story and it should win an award.

Don A King

Response to “A Dream on Fire”

One of those stories that haunted my thoughts for a very long time. I don’t know if I should praise or curse you Blair for this blissful torment. Somehow I’m at a loss for ‘words’ to express what I really feel…

Allen Keller

Response to “A Dream on Fire”

Very good story, Blair. I think it’d make a fine movie. Let me know when it’s finished, I’d like to see it.


Response to “A Dream on Fire”

Incredible story! I loved the poetic sense of the writing and the dramatic torture scene is unforgettable. One of the best short stories I’ve read in quite a while!

Selam Haile

Response to “A Dream on Fire”

This story is as beautiful and painful as life itself. I felt that it stood not only for the assassinated journalist that it was inspired from but for every big dream killed because of ignorant minds who don’t get it or can’t stand it.
And I love the fact that no matter how creative your writing is, it doesn’t lose touch with reality.
Keep the magic up Blair!! And thanks for sharing it here!


 Response to “A Dream on Fire”

Wow, Blair! This definitely had me on the edge of my seat. This is extremely well written, and the use of words is incredible. I especially liked “the illiterate Argentinean breeze.” This story strikes me as something that would make its way into a college textbook for literature students to discuss.


Response to “A Dream on Fire”

Nice. I love the sentiment here, and the evolution of the rhythm.

Kate Orland Bere

Response to “A Dream on Fire”

One of the more profoundly ironic, nay satiric stories I have read that addresses simultaneously the act and art of writing and the acts and atrocities of political dictatorships or machines. Reminds us that we can be enslaved easily and to some extent always are in threat of this, no matter what political boundary we imagine ourselves to exist within. Reminds us too as writers not to take ourselves too seriously (in vanity) and yet we must absolutely take the right and responsibility inherent in writing — acting on our freedom of speech and of expression. if then our imaginations or our memories, or our countrymen, or our sanity should fail us, perhaps we all will end in a gutter…metaphorically speaking.
Fine job, Blair. thank you.


Response to “A Dream on Fire”

Great writing style…you take your readers on a journey with you when you write. Intriguing conclusion!


Response to “A Dream on Fire”

Oh my gosh…OH MY GOSH…It leaves me breathless. It leaves me speechless….


Response to “A Dream on Fire”

Inspiring read, I was riveted to the end, must admit, kept wishing for more…Melissa