One Day

One day, she said, I will meet a man

He will be ambitious and successful and speak with great confidence

He will be a dancer and guide me through rooms full of envious women

He will be an artist and so will I and we will love each other’s art

He will not see my faults my blemishes my failures

Only my beauty and my truth

He will spend months and years to win me

And never ever think of me as just a sex object

And when he takes me

He will take me as a Man takes a Woman

He will know by instinct never to touch me where I do not like

And never even look at another woman

Even when I am not around

He will write books and build monuments

He will ride horses with me on green foreign hills

And his horse will be white

Symbolic of his virility and purity of soul

He will come one day

One day he will come

For he is so real and vivid and clear in my mind

That there is no room for doubt

And I will wait for him

Alone in my room

All alone for years and years

Until the ceiling cracks open

And the sky rips open

And I am buffeted and blown through the world

In hurricanes of wind and rain and fear and frustration

Into the clinging arms of one who is so flawed

And fragile and damaged and hurt

Like me

And I will look into his quiet eyes

And uncertain smile

And I will help him to speak with confidence

And I will guide him through rooms full of ghosts

And I will come to love his artlessness

And he will see my faults my blemishes my failures

And he will not care

And he will sometimes think of me as a sex object

And I will not mind

And I will teach him where to touch me and what I need

And we will fix each other and build a home

And argue and fight and struggle to survive

Alone together in our room

All alone for years and years

Until the sky closes up overhead

And the storm dies down

And the beautiful vision

Has finally come true