Bloodwet in Bookstores

In a herniated land where the burnished survive

We compared the notebooks that were writing our lives

Self-styled surgeons bloodwet in bookstores

We were welding our words into weapons of war

My conceit saw a young thinker just causing commotion

But a man has no depth on the shores of the ocean

I was a meteorologist expounding the blues to the sky

A psychologist teaching survivors to cry

Her mind darted around me between pollinations

As she learned in libraries of clay, grass and patience

Disentangling herself from my whimsical knots

She returned to her ant farm of tunneling thoughts

Yet when I saw her again in a world digitized

She was by conmen and abusers preoccupied

Full of doubt at the fight she had fought all her life

Unaware of the light she had brought to the strife

That the arteries she stitched for so many years

Brought lives together and conquered frontiers

That the love that she has for the world and its people

Has provided a buffer against all its evil

For she is a woman of remarkable strength

A measuring stick of unfathomable length

The air we walk through, it will breathe her

The children we talk to, they will conceive her

Her mark will be carved on the park benches of the homeless

And the spark she lights will rearm the trenches of the hopeless