About my Writing



A book of short stories written in various styles: mystery, satire, romance, horror, allegory, social commentary and science fiction. Containing “Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word,” the short story selected as the first prize winner of The Walrus magazine’s 2011 SLS Fiction Award, “A Dream on Fire” a short story published in Europe and Canada that won a Whispered Words short fiction award, and “Meinong’s Jungle”, a science fiction piece published in Mission at Tenth in California.

fallen angels (2012)

This is espionage-style historical fiction novella deal with the nature of science and the late middle-age of two oddly juxtaposed characters:  Josef Mengele and Robert Oppenheimer. It also involves numerous other figures relating to the history of physics and mathematics and takes place in 1961, at the height of the era of Mutually Assured Destruction.

The Idealist

A historical fiction novella dealing with an idealistic intelligence agent sent to work as an interpreter during the Angolan Civil War.


This is a book of sometimes humorous, sometimes somber travel stories, recounting my time in Burma, India, Tibet, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, and Nepal. Highlights include conducting interviews with the underground resistance in Burma, being caught in Nepal during a civil war, visiting Tibet during a communist crackdown, a high-speed fight/chase with motorcycle thieves in Cambodia, and spending time with the global head of the Hare Krishna movement at the Juggernaut festival in India. Laced with informative digressions on the region’s history, culture, and religions, this book is a valuable resource for all those planning to travel in South-East Asia who are interested in learning about the political and historical facts while still being entertained by an engaging travelogue.


This travel narrative gives highlights of a recent two year trip through every country in Latin America. Memorable sections from the writing include a visit to the secret Mecca of Venezuelan black magic, an account of the exotic Boi-Bumbá festival on an isolated island in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, my experiences living in the most dangerous slum in Colombia, and of being caught in a riot that destroyed a Guatemalan village, as well as the adventures I had being constantly mistaken for a local while bicycling through Cuba.  Extensively researched appendices are also included at the end of the book, discussing Latin America body language, politics, history, sexuality,  and economics.

The Land of Confusion cover

This book recounts a tour of the United States, where I travelled for half a year in 2010, without spending a single dollar on accommodation. The style is humorous and irreverent, presenting an ambitious overview of the diversity of American culture. On the road, I encountered adult entertainers, fundamentalist Christians, political pundits, ex-presidents, television celebrities, homeless veterans, Cuban exiles, and Vedic yogis. I also visited military bases, soup kitchens, maximum security prisons, UFO conferences, and four different locations where nuclear weapons have been dropped on the American national territory. The style fits well into the U.S. road trip genre of Kerouac and Least Heat-Moon, while the Canadian viewpoint and extensive informational content has ensured its appeal to an international audience.

Peregrine Verse

My most recent work is a book of poetry, most of which was composed after a divorce, while traveling in Latin America, the USA, and Europe, in the first half of 2018. I did readings from this book in six countries in Europe, and feedback has been quite positive.

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